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Jul-2015Age effects on EEG correlates of the Wisconsin Card Sorting TestDias, NS; Ferreira, D; Reis, J; Jacinto, LR; Fernandes, L; Pinho, F; Festa, J; Pereira, M; Afonso, N; Santos, NC; Cerqueira, JJ; Sousa, NarticleopenAccess
2015Cotard Syndrome without Depressive Symptoms in a Schizophrenic Patient.Morgado, P; Ribeiro, R; Cerqueira, JJarticleopenAccess
2015MS Prevalence and Patients' Characteristics in the District of Braga, PortugalFigueiredo, J; Silva, A; Cerqueira, JJ; Fonseca, J; Pereira, PAarticleopenAccess
2013Plasticity of resting state brain networks in recovery from stressSoares, JM; Sampaio, A; Marques, P; Ferreira, LM; Santos, NC; Marques, F; Palha, JA; Cerqueira, JJ; Sousa, NarticleopenAccess
2018Relationships between neuropsychological and antisaccade measures in multiple sclerosis patientsFerreira, MB; Pereira, PAl; Parreira, M; Sousa, I; Figueiredo, J; Cerqueira, JJ; Macedo, AFarticleopenAccess
2008Simultaneous supratentorial and brainstem abscesses due to Listeria monocytogenes.Soares-Fernandes, JP; Beleza, P; Cerqueira, JJ; Ribeiro, M; Maré, R; Lourenço, E; Rocha, JFarticleopenAccess
2013Stress Impact on Resting State Brain NetworksSoares, JM; Sampaio, A; Ferreira, LM; Santos, NC; Marques, PS; Marques, F; Palha, JA; Cerqueira, JJ; Sousa, NarticleopenAccess
2014The woman who sees smaller objects: is it psychiatric or neurological?Morgado, P; Sotto-Mayor, J; Rodrigues, M; Cerqueira, JJarticleopenAccess
5-Dez-2018Trait determinants of impulsive behavior: a comprehensive analysis of 188 ratsSoares, AR; Esteves, M; Moreira, PS; Cunha, AM; Guimarães, MR; Carvalho, MM; Raposo-Lima, C; Morgado, P; Carvalho, AF; Coimbra, B; Melo, A; Rodrigues, AJ; Salgado, AJ; Pêgo, JM; Cerqueira, JJ; Costa, P; Sousa, N; Almeida, A; Leite-Almeida, HarticleopenAccess