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16-Abr-2016A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis of Methyl Aminolevulinate Photodynamic Therapy Consultation at the Hospital de BragaBrito, C; Resende, C; Oliveira, ParticleopenAccess
2007Association between functional EGF+61 polymorphism and glioma riskCosta, BM; Ferreira, P; Costa, S; Canedo, P; Oliveira, P; Silva, AI; Pardal, F; Suriano, G; Machado, JC; Lopes, JM; Reis, RMarticleopenAccess
2010Effectiveness of the association between carbamazepine and peripheral analgesic block with ropivacaine for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgiaLemos, L; Fontes, R; Flores, S; Oliveira, P; Almeida, AarticleopenAccess
2000Hematúria em estudoOliveira, P; Gonçalves, R; Cabral-Ribeiro, J; Vila-Mendes, M; Noronha, RarticleopenAccess
2011Impact of EGFR genetic variants on glioma risk and patient outcomeCosta, BM; Viana-Pereira, M; Fernandes, R; Costa, S; Linhares, P; Vaz, R; Pinheiro, C; Lima, J; Soares, P; Silva, A; Pardal, F; Amorim, J; Nabiço, R; Almeida, R; Alegria, C; Pires, MM; Pinheiro, C; Carvalho, E; Oliveira, P; Lopes, JM; Reis, RMarticleopenAccess
2011Pharmacological versus microvascular decompression approaches for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: clinical outcomes and direct costsLemos, L; Alegria, C; Oliveira, J; Machado, A; Oliveira, P; Almeida, AarticleopenAccess
2013The Impact of Polymorphic Variations in the 5p15, 6p12, 6p21 and 15q25 Loci on the Risk and Prognosis of Portuguese Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancerde Mello, RA; Ferreira, M; Soares-Pires, F; Costa, S; Cunha, J; Oliveira, P; Hespanhol, V; Reis, RMarticleopenAccess
2009The Role of Lymph Node and Lymphatic Vessel Invasion in Subclassification of pT1 Gastric CancerLeão, P; Braga dos Anjos, JM; Oliveira, P; Gomes, AconferenceObjectopenAccess
2006A twenty-year survey of dermatophytoses in Braga, Portugal.Valdigem, GL; Pereira, T; Macedo, C; Duarte, ML; Oliveira, P; Ludovico, P; Sousa-Basto, A; Leão, C; Rodrigues, FarticleopenAccess