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Título: Abdominal Catastrophe in Crohn's Disease Surgery
Autor: Palma Rios, H
Goulart, AM
Leão, P
Palavras-chave: Doença de Crohn/cirurgia
Data: Jan-2018
Citação: Wounds. 2018 Jan;30(1):E1-E4.
Resumo: INTRODUCTION: Performing surgery on patients with Crohn's disease is a true challenge due to the elevated risk of complications related to the chronic proinflammatory response. Stenosis is the leading cause of intestinal resection in these patients. CASE REPORT: The authors present the case of a 50-year-old woman with inflammatory stenosis of the terminal ileum due to Crohn's disease. The patient underwent a laparoscopic ileocecal resection, which was complicated by a small anastomotic dehiscence with localized peritonitis. Several perforations and dehiscences were observed and necessitated an end ileostomy and an open abdomen treated with negative pressure wound therapy. Multiple surgical interventions in the abdomen were performed and negative pressure was maintained until all fistulas were sealed and granulation tissue formed. Patient was discharged after 134 days of hospitalization with both the abdomen and the ileostomy closed. After several months, a hernia repair was performed with bilateral component separation and polypropylene mesh without complications. CONCLUSIONS: Anastomotic dehiscence after intestinal resection can lead to an abdominal catastrophe. Severe peritonitis with enteric fistulas and an open abdomen demands a multidisciplinary approach. Negative pressure wound therapy and nutritional support are key treatments. In these patients, stoma closure and abdominal wall reconstruction after recovery from the acute event represents another surgical challenge.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.23/1239
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