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Título: Hospital Resource Utilization and Treatment Cost of Skeletal-Related Events in Patients with Metastatic Breast or Prostate Cancer: Estimation for the Portuguese National Health System
Autor: Félix, J
Andreozzi, V
Soares, M
Borrego, P
Gervásio, H
Moreira, A
Costa, L
Marcelo, F
Peralta, F
Furtado, I
Pina, F
Albuquerque, C
Santos, A
Passos-Coelho, JL
Portuguese Group for the Study of Bone Metastases
Palavras-chave: Portugal
Neoplasias da Mama
Neoplasias dos Ossos
Neoplasias da Próstata
Recursos em Saúde
Custos Hospitalares
Data: 2011
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Value Health. 2011;14(4):499-505.
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Skeletal-related events (SREs) occur frequently in patients with bone metastases as a result of breast (BC) and prostate (PC) cancers. They increase both morbidity and mortality and lead to extensive health-care resource utilization. METHODS: Health care resource utilization by BC/PC patients with at least one SRE during the preceding 12 months was assessed through retrospective chart review. SRE-treatment costs were estimated using the Portuguese Ministry of Health cost database and analyzed using generalized linear models. RESULTS: This study included 152 patients from nine hospitals. The mean (SD) annual SRE-treatment cost per patient was €5963 (€3646) and €5711 (€4347), for BC (n=121) and PC (n=31) patients, respectively. Mean cost per single episode ranged between €1485 (radiotherapy) and €13,203 (spinal cord compression). Early onset of bone metastasis (P = 0.03) and diagnosis of bone metastases at or after the occurrence of the first SRE (P < 0.001) were associated with higher SRE-treatment costs. CONCLUSION: These results reveal the high hospital SRE-treatment costs, highlighting the need for early diagnosis and treatment, and identify key factors determining the economic value of therapies for patients with skeletal metastases.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://comum.rcaap.pt/handle/123456789/4908
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